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View & Pay Your Bills
A Simple and secure service for you.

You can view and pay for all of your Etisalat services through the Etisalat website, secure in the knowledge that our bill inquiry and payment process has been designed to safeguard your privacy and your security. To use all the features that are provided on the site, it is mandatory that you go through the complete registration process when you first set up the service. The registered user ID and password that you choose during this process will help you to conduct all future transactions safely and securely within the site. However, to verify your registration you will need to visit your nearest Etisalat office to have your identity verified. Once you have fully registered, you will have access to even more enhanced facilities, like being able to view detailed bills and change billing address.

Bill Enquiry
You can view your bills in five different ways:
Billing Information: Details of the billed and current amount due for all your registered and linked accounts.
Billed Amount : The total outstanding amount due as of last month.
Current Amount : The total current amount due as of one hour ago includes the billed amount for last month and the amount due from the current month.
My Current Bill: Your bill for the current month as of one hour ago.
My Previous Bill : Your bill for the previous three months.

Bill payment
You may also pay your bills online, where payments will be processed through our Secure Payment Infrastructure. You will be able to pay for services such as:
  • - Postpaid mobile
  • - Fixed-line telephone
  • - Dial-up
  • - Postpaid mobile
  • - Business One
  • - eVision

To pay an outstanding amount, please go to the 'Billing Info' page and click the 'Pay' button ? or to pay a current amount, please go to either the 'Current Bill' page or the 'Billing Info' page and click the 'Pay' button.

Payment process
When you click the 'Pay' button, a payment form will be launched and this will ask for your credit card details. When you submit this form your payment will be processed and you will be given a reference number for any future inquiry.
Please ensure that the credit card details you enter are correct, as the use of stolen or unauthorised credit card is a crime under the laws of the United Arab Emirates.
You can view details of the payments you have made in three different ways:

Payment Status
Shows the status of the payment made against a specific reference number and provides you with the approval code.

Payment History
Provides a history of all payments made through Etisalat, against a specific account number. Payment Information Provides complete details on payments made by you for all your registered and linked accounts, as well as any payments made for a friend.