Absher Offers - FAQs

  1. What is the Absher programme?
    The Absher programme provides offers, special and exclusive features to UAE nationals working in the private sector and registered at the MOHRE.
  2. What is etisalat’s role in the Absher programme?
    etisalat has agreement with MOHRE to provide customers who have Absher cards with special discounted plans.
  3. How do I subscribe to Absher plans?
    Please visit the nearest Etisalat store with a valid Absher card and Emirates ID to subscribe to Absher plans.
  4. How many Absher plans can I subscribe to?
    For each Absher card, you can subscribe to one Absher plan.
  5. What happens when I finish my contract?
    After finishing your contract, if you still have a valid Absher card, you will continue on the same plan and benefits; however, if your card has expired, you will be migrated to the postpaid monthly plan unless you provide the renewed card.
  6. Can I upgrade my Absher plan?
    Yes, you can upgrade your Absher Plan to a higher plan (in the same Absher family) at any time.
  7. Can I downgrade my Absher plan?
    Yes, you can downgrade your Absher plan to any other plan. However, an exit fee of one monthly rental will be applicable. Also note that moving from Absher plan 4 to Absher plan 2 will not incur any exit charges.
  8. How do I enquire about my balance?
    To check your balance, you can send an SMS ‘Balance’ to 1012. Alternatively, you could dial *140# and use the Etisalat UAE App.
  9. How do I configure/manage my preferred number under Absher plan 4
    By sending one of the below commands to 1012

Action (By sending one of the below commands to 1012) SMS command
To set your preferred number ACT NAT <Preferred Number>
To change your preferred number CHANGE NAT <Old Preferred Number> <New Preferred Number>

Preferred number can be any national number, mobile or landline number and must be entered along with the country code 971. E.g.: 97150XXXXXXX, 9712XXXXXXX.
You can set the preferred number any time. Setting the preferred number is free once, thereafter AED 25 fees apply.