iPhone for Life

Get a Free iPhone upgrade every year

The best way to own a new iPhone every year

Experience the best of what the iPhone has to offer every year with the “iPhone for Life” program exclusively for etisalat users.

This unique program allows customers subscribed to the latest iPhone Contract Offers to get a free upgrade to the latest iPhone upon completing 12 months of your contract.

With the “iPhone for Life” program, no more waiting for your contract to end. Just upgrade your current iPhone to a new one*, and your new contract begins. Explore our “New Features” link for the latest features tailored around meeting your needs.

Subscription & upgrade via iPhone for life Program is currently not available

New Features

Broken Screen Fee
The “Broken Screen Fee” is a new option that entitles “iPhone for Life” subscribers to return their iPhone device & upgrade to the latest one even if the front screen is cracked or broken as long as the LCD screen is not damaged. You will be able to enjoy this option at the time of signing up the iPhone Contract with “iPhone for life” Program by paying one-time AED 99 charge. You are required to return your old iPhone devices to etisalat’s selected upgrade locations* where the device will be evaluated and accepted if it fulfills the “Broken Screen Condition”.

The “Broken Screen” acceptance condition
The etisalat technical team at the time of upgrade will review your old iPhone device to base the screen acceptance condition. There will be no additional charges at time of upgrade if you have applied for the “Broken Screen Fee” at the time of signing the contract- and the device is accepted under Broken Screen Condition. “Broken Screen” Fee is only available at the time of signing a new iPhone Contract through the “iPhone for Life” Program.

Let us guide you

So you have the iPhone 7 or newer and have joined the iPhone for Life program. Now, follow these few steps and get ready for a new iPhone experience every year.

Make sure your device is ready
• Make sure your device is in good working condition
• Remove all your personal data and back up the data on your old device (you can choose between iCloud and iTunes, or both)
• Disable any device lock features, including Find my iPhone Activation Lock
Get your device evaluated
Visit selected etisalat selected upgrade stores where our technical staff will assist you in:
• checking your contract eligibility
• checking availability of the new iPhone
• performing a quick validation check on your old device
It’s time to upgrade
If the device is accepted by the technical team, you can now return your old iPhone, choose the new device contract at 18/24 months, and renew your iPhone for Life program

Free 200GB iCloud Storage

Before moving to your new iPhone, don’t forget to back it up. You can get 200GB of iCloud storage, free for two months from Apple. AED 10.99 monthly charges will be applied after the free period.
Offer available to Apple customers who are signed in and using a 5GB iCloud storage plan. Offer expires 03/31/2018. You may change or cancel your plan at any time.

Are you eligible for an upgrade?

• To be eligible, you will have to purchase the latest iPhone on an 18- or 24-month contract, and join iPhone for life Program. For example: iPhone 8 on 18 Month Smart Pay Contract.
• To be eligible to Upgrade to the latest iPhone Smartphone:
  - You need to be an iPhone for Life Subscriber on iPhone 7 or iPhone 7-Plus.
  - Your old iPhone will be upgraded after the evaluation of etisalat technical expert team.
  - The old smartphone can be accepted by etisalat only if it is in a good condition.
• Older iPhone Models including IPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus subscribers are not eligible for the service.

Device condition

At the time of upgrade after completing 12 months of your contract, make sure that:
1. Your old iPhone is in good working condition.It is possible to switch on the old iPhone and have access to the old iPhone’s IMEI number by pressing *#06# (the IMEI should match the old iPhone originally purchased)
2. The old iPhone functions normally, for example, it is capable of making and receiving calls can connect to the Internet and the touchscreen functions properly
3. The old iPhone is free from physical damage, except for normal wear and tear (for example, it does not have liquid damage, a cracked or discoloured display or casing, connector damage or faulty or broken SIM reader)
4. The old iPhone is provided with a fully functioning battery
5. The old iPhone do not have disassembled, customised or non-original parts
6. All activation and locking features of the old iPhone have been disabled (e.g. find my device on iOS 7+ devices)
7. The SIM card has been removed from the old iPhone
8. The memory card (if any) has been removed from the old iPhone
9. Additional Broken Screen acceptance Condition to the program
  • The Old Smartphone is free from physical damage, except for normal wear and tear (for example, it does not have liquid damage, or discolored display or casing, connector damage or faulty or broken SIM reader).
  • The front glass may have some form of damage but the LCD screen must still be fully functioning and is not:
    - Chips, cracks and shattered front glass is allowed
    - Front glass lifting allowed