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The leisure of downloading paid apps on Android mobile phones

Etisalat Mobile Billing For Google Play Store

Charge your Google Play apps purchases directly to your monthly etisalat bill or your prepaid Wasel balance. We've made it safe, easy and more convenient than ever. Now, you can add your Google Play apps and games purchases on to your etisalat mobile account.

Use Your etisalat Account to Buy Google Play Store Apps

To enable etisalat mobile account payment option for Google Play Store, please follow these steps:

  1. Choose your paid app
  2. Review and accept permissions
  3. Tap continue to add payment method
  4. Select “Enable etisalat Billing”
  5. Enter your details and tap save
  6. Choose “Accept”
  7. Tap “Buy” and the app will start downloading
  8. Enjoy your new app!

For more information, please read our FAQ:

  1. Can I pay using the etisalat Direct Carrier Billing service on an Android smartphone?
    Yes, once set up, payment using etisalat Direct Carrier Billing is supported on Google Play.
    For more information or support, please see Google Support .
  2. Who shall I contact if I face any issues while purchasing and/or downloading from Google Play?
    If you require support or help with any product or service purchased on Google Play using the etisalat mobile phone billing service, you should seek assistance directly from Google by calling 8000-444-8847.
  3. Can etisalat issue a refund for purchases on Google Play?
    Refunds and chargebacks can only be issued by Google.