Request for Credit

Extra services to get the most out of your mobile

Never stay without credit

Etisalat now offers prepaid customers a new way to ask for credit from friends & family members. Whenever you run out of airtime on your prepaid phone, you can ask family and friends on the Etisalat Network to send you some airtime with the Request for Credit service.


  • Easy and simple to use
  • Free of Charge

How to use Request for Credit

  • To use, simply type: *107*05XXXXXXXX*Amount# then press ‘send or Call Key’. The destination number will receive a message informing him that you need a credit with the amount specified.
  • The person receiving the request will get the following message:
"Mobile Number 05xxxxxx requesting you to transfer AEDx, to transfer the amount just type the following command on your mobile screen and press the send key: *100*Mobile Number*amount#” 
  • Once the amount is transferred, you will receive the credit on your phone. 
  • Only prepaid customers can use this service.
  • There is a limit of 2 requests per day.


There are no charges for using the Request for Credit Service