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Unlimited Voice & Video calls with Etisalat Internet Calling Plans

Subscribe and make app to app calls

Make Unlimited Voice & Video Calls to any destination!

With a subscription to any of the Etisalat Internet Calling Plans, you can make unlimited Voice & Video calls* with any of our supported applications.
Enjoy a world of benefits with the Etisalat Internet Calling Plans:

 • Call other users who have the same app as you
 • No other charges for the calls
 • Once you subscribe, all you need to get started is an eLife at home or Mobile Data

 * calls are only app-to-app

Get the Internet Calling Plan that suits you

Plan Type Rental Fee*/Validity To Subscribe To Unsubscribe Benefits
Internet Calling Plan for Mobile AED 50
Monthly (auto-renewal)
- SMS ICP to 1012

- My Etisalat App

- SMS CCP to 1012

- My Etisalat App

Enables you to make voice & Video calls on the move via your mobile data connection*
Internet Calling Plan for eLife AED 100
Monthly (auto-renewal)
- Dial 125 from your home telephone and follow the prompts

- My Etisalat App

- Call 101

- Send EICP to 1010 from your mobile number registered with your eLife account

- SMS C EICP to 1010

- My Etisalat App

- Call 101

Enables you & all family members make voice & Video calls from eLife home Wi-Fi
*5 % VAT excluded

With the Internet Calling Plans, your app-to-app calls are free:
Type Of Usage
• App-to-App Calls*
• Non-App Calls
Charged as per your existing mobile package
• Mobile Data Consumptions
Charged as per your mobile package or data plan
* only when you use any of the supported applications

Apps to use with your Internet Calling Plan

About the app
Use BOTIM to make voice & video calls to your friends around the world and group chat with up to 500 people

Get it on

About the app
Use C’Me calls and messaging to connect with friends and family.
Make HD voice or video calls or instant messaging with anyone, anywhere!

Get it on

Note: free voice and video calling with these apps can only be done with a subscription to any of the Internet Calling Plans and as long as you have an active internet connection (mobile or eLife)

Terms & Conditions

Additional Service Specific Terms:
• The Internet Calling Plan is an add-on service to your existing Etisalat mobile and/or eLife service.
• A subscription to the Internet Calling Plan (the “Plan”) is required to initiate in the UAE app-to-app video or voice calls using the supported apps.
• The purchase of an Internet Calling Plan grants access to calls made from the UAE using the supported apps listed on the Etisalat website. Etisalat reserves the right to add, remove or otherwise modify the list of supported apps listed on the Etisalat website.
• Once you purchase the Plan you can make video or voice calls to any other user anywhere in the world that has downloaded the same supported app.
• Validity: Plan validity is 30 days for Mobile Prepaid customers. For Mobile Postpaid and eLife Home customers the fees will be billed monthly and service shall be automatically renewed and will remain active unless the Subscriber removed it.
• Auto-renewal: The Plan will auto-renew until you terminate your subscription to the Plan in accordance with the information provided on the Etisalat website.
• Un-subscription: Once you unsubscribe from the plan, the service will be cancel immediately and the subscriber will lose the access, and there will be no refund for the access fees paid.
• When purchasing an Internet Calling Plan for eLife, you and your family members can make app-to-app video or voice calls when connected to the Wi-Fi network of your home broadband service.
• When purchasing an Internet Calling Plan for Mobile, you will be charged for the data consumption used by the supported apps in accordance with your existing postpaid and/or prepaid data service. The purchase of the Plan does not grant you free data.
• An Internet Calling Plan for Mobile subscription is required to make app-to-app calls when roaming on mobile data. Data will be charged at standard roaming rates or from your data roaming package if available
• An Internet Calling Plan for Mobile subscription is to be used on only one mobile account (postpaid and/or prepaid).
• Further information on how you can benefit from the Internet Calling Plan with the supported apps is available in the FAQs